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042. How to use Hashtags on Instagram in 2022 (that actually works)

May 18, 2022 Courtney Sjoberg Season 2 Episode 5
The Boss Lady Social
042. How to use Hashtags on Instagram in 2022 (that actually works)
Show Notes

I have been studying hashtags exclusively for over 7+ years. So when I say I know hashtags... I KNOW HASHTAGS! I am so obsessed with them that I have spent over $130,000 developing my web app - The Hashtag Files. In this episode I break down EVERYTHING you NEED to know about how to use hashtags the right way on Instagram to get more leads in your business.

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In this episode I talk about:

  • The 4 different type of hashtags (which ones will help and which ones will hurt your profile)
  • Shadowbanning and how to avoid it
  • Where to put your hashtags
  • How many hashtags should you be using for effective growth
  • Where do hashtags actually work
  • How do hashtags work on different social media platforms


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Next week we are back with the monthly theme of INSTAGRAM! We are going to talk about my Super (not so secret) Instagram sales hack that has made me SO MUCH money - hint you probably already have an idea of how this works - but I am going to get REALLLL into it!

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